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Using CBD Daily

Support your endocannabinoid with a daily serving of CBD. Here’s how.

More and more people are discovering the natural benefits of adding servings of cannabidiol (CBD) oil to their daily routine. Whether you’re new to CBD or a CBD hemp oil enthusiast, you may have questions as to how best to add CBD into your daily diet.

Among the most common questions we hear is about daily CBD servings. We’re here to help!

What is a “Daily” CBD Serving?

You’ve heard about how CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis and wellness. When taken every day, hemp CBD oil supports your systems with beneficial cannabinoids, as well as essential nutrients that are often deficient in our diets. But exactly how much CBD should you take every day to maximize these natural benefits?

In most cases, you can get reliable suggested serving size information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. federal agency tasked with supervising public health matters.

The FDA, which is responsible for establishing any Reference Daily Intake (RDI), has unfortunately not yet provided any guidance regarding recommended daily cannabidiol servings. To comply with FDA regulations, HempMeds® does not list an RDI of our own or provide a Daily Value (%DV) of CBD for our products.

Your optimal daily serving of CBD is all about hitting the sweet spot for your endocannabinoid system. What works for someone else, may not be ideal for you.

While this may make you feel like you’re left a little in the dark, we’re here to help you dial in on a daily CBD serving, as well as a lineup of CBD oil products that’s best for you.

daily cbd servings that work for you

CBD Servings That Work For You

To help you figure out your optimal daily CBD use, the labels of HempMeds® CBD oil products do feature a “suggested serving size” so that you always know exactly how much CBD you’re getting.

Our online store contains products ranging in CBD from just over 1 mg up to 120 mg per suggested serving, providing you with an array of options depending on your daily CBD needs.

With our lowest concentration of CBD per serving, our 1-ounce bottles of Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drop tinctures contain 100 mg of CBD and offer an ideal solution whether you’re regularly at home or on the go. Every two pumps you place under your tongue provides you with 1.25 mg of CBD. At that daily serving size, the 1-ounce bottle will last you over two months, or you can easily up your daily intake by adding more pumps to your daily serving.

Among our medium range products are our RSHO™ Liquids and our CBD hemp oil capsules. Each recommended ¾ teaspoon serving of RSHO™ Liquid offers 31 mg of CBD, while every hemp oil capsule provides 25 mg of CBD to your day. At these serving sizes, the 4-ounce bottle of RSHO Liquid™ and 30-count bottle of CBD capsules will provide daily CBD servings for about a month.

Providing some of our highest levels of CBD are our RSHO™ oral applicators — at between 50 and 120 mg per serving — depending on whether you choose the Green, Blue, or Gold Label. Every 3-gram tube of our Gold Label, for example, contains 720 mg of CBD. Following the suggested serving size of 0.5 g would provide you with six servings of 120 mg of CBD. Our larger 10-gram tube of Gold Label offers 20 servings per unit.

For cannabidiol at its most potent, our CBD Isolate powder is 99.9% CBD. Each 1-gram jar contains 990 mg of CBD in a pure crystalline powder, allowing you to split it into serving sizes as you best see fit.

cbd supplements for daily serving

How to Combine CBD Products for Sustained CBD Levels

While some users have a favorite HempMeds® CBD product they prefer to stick with, incorporating multiple CBD oil products into your daily wellness routine can help you maintain a continuous level of CBD in your system. CBD, like all cannabinoids, can build up in the body and stimulate an increase in cannabinoid receptors, making the endocannabinoid system more active.

By using an arsenal of CBD products and taking them at different times in the day, you’ll help ensure you have always have CBD coverage.

Here are some ways you can combine CBD products into your daily diet for sustained CBD:

Keep your CBD levels steady while you’re out and about throughout the day by periodically adding two pumps of Dixie Botanicals® Peppermint Dew Drops for a zesty 1.25 mg of CBD each serving. Finish the day with a suggested serving of our RSHO™ Green Label oil for another 50 mg of CBD to bump up your minimum daily CBD to over 50 mg.

After starting each morning with a caffeinated Dixie Botanicals® Kicks energy chew for 5 mg of CBD, add another 31 mg of CBD later by blending ¾ a teaspoon of RSHO™ Blue Liquid into your salad dressing or sauce at lunch for a total of 36 mg of CBD. Then, every morning and night, use our CBD-infused Cannabis Beauty Defined® Defined Cleanser and Defined Toner topically for healthy looking skin.

Start your day with 31 mg of CBD by blending ¾ a teaspoon of RSHO™ Gold Liquid into your morning cup of coffee or green smoothie. As you begin to feel sluggish at midday, swallow a RSHO™ CBD capsule containing 25 mg of CBD with a glass of water or your choice of beverage. This combination adds a total of 56 mg of CBD to your diet for the day.

Looking for maximum daily CBD intake? For a 184 mg of CBD combination, add a serving of RSHO™ Blue Label oil, taken under the tongue off a butter knife and held for 90 seconds before swallowing, to begin the day with a boost of 85 mg of CBD. Then, a few hours before bed, place 100 mg of RSHO™ CBD Isolate powder under your tongue and swish it around your mouth before swallowing for another 99 mg of CBD.

“Low and Slow” is The Motto

As with any new wellness routine, it’s recommended to begin with a low serving of CBD oil and gradually work your way up. “Low and slow” is the motto here.

Once you determine the amount of daily CBD you’d like to achieve, start with an intake below that number. Every week or so, up your intake every so slightly, all the while monitoring how you feel. Once you hit your ideal daily serving size, you can then decide whether that serving works for you or if you’d like to continue to up your daily intake.

If you take more CBD than you had originally planned, don’t worry. Some CBD oil users consume very high levels of CBD, upwards of 200 mg each day. While these levels may not be ideal for you, don’t stress. Finding the right serving may take a little time, but you will get there.

Get Started

Regardless of how you prefer to take your CBD, the HempMeds® team is here to help you find the products that best fit your lifestyle. You can call our product specialists at 1-866-273-8502, or visit our online shop to get started with CBD hemp oil products.

For Wholesale CBD orders, visit here to contact us. Encourage more people to benefit from the natural wellness properties of CBD by becoming a HempMeds® Affiliate.

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