cbd chocolate

CBD Chocolate

One of, if not the most, popular form of edibles in the cannabis world is chocolate. THC-infused chocolate bars hit the medical (and let’s be honest, recreational) marijuana scene right from the get-go.

It’s pretty easy to understand why cannabis chocolate bars are so in demand amongst edible fans. First and foremost, it’s chocolate! This delicious, often decadent treat, is enjoyed and savored by millions. It even has health benefits, especially dark chocolate (more on that later).


Choco On The Go

Let’s not forget about convenience, portability, and discretion factors that work in chocolate’s favor, too. You can pretty much take it anywhere: the movies, a concert or festival, on a plane, a theme park, you name it. Take it out of the packaging and break it up into squares, and now you have disguised portability!

Chocolate as a stealth carrier of THC has many fans and regular users. No one bats an eye if you pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth, no matter where you are. No smoke, no odor, no noise, no problems. This mostly pertains to THC-infused chocolate, of course.

Now, CBD chocolate bars and products are gaining popularity in the market. Will they be as popular as their THC-infused cousins?


Benefits Of CBD Chocolate

Chocolate bars infused with CBD (cannabidiol) are being made by a handful of confection companies. The healing and wellness properties associated with CBD make it a perfect compliment to chocolate.

Chocolate by itself, especially dark chocolate, has been known to:



(The above info was referenced and condensed from the article 10 Ways Giving In To That Chocolate Craving Can Benefit Your Health, from the Huffington Post, published on August 17th, 2015.)


benefits of cbd chocolate


Chocolate Binge Daily? Not That Kind Of CBD

Getting your daily serving of CBD from chocolate? Sure, why not!? Okay, maybe not every day, but it sure is handy and it obviously tastes great.

Small, artisan chocolate makers are putting anywhere from 60 to 100 mgs of CBD hemp oil in their bars. The natural, organic, non-GMO qualities of CBD hemp oil line up perfectly with the raw, vegan, organic, and sometimes even exotic ingredients used by small-batch chocolate confectionaries. Some even go so far as to add terpenes (oils that give plants their distinct smells and aromas) to their CBD chocolate recipe, to boost the feelings of stress reduction, relaxation, and lightened mood. Hmmmm, maybe we should all chocolate binge daily!


HempMeds CBD Chews


HempMeds® Chocolate Chews

HempMeds® carries a popular line of CBD hemp oil products that can help you get your daily serving of CBD. HempMeds® does not carry any CBD chocolate bars at this time, but we can offer our chocolate energy chews.

Now, these chews are not designer chocolates. In fact, they are a low calorie, energy chew, each one containing 100 mg of caffeine and 5 mg of CBD. They’re made for getting you through that late afternoon, out-of-gas feeling a lot of people feel each day. Each one is square and fairly small, like a Starburst candy, but has a nice, chocolate flavor for a tasty, revitalizing way to add CBD to your system. Pick up a bottle today!

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