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CBD Capsules: An All-Natural Boost for your Supplement Routine

As more is revealed about the natural wellness properties of CBD, the discussion about the benefits of the natural cannabinoid is everywhere, from social media to the nightly news. People today are incorporating daily CBD supplements into their diets for a wide range of reasons, with many preferring the convenience and portability offered by CBD capsules.

Here we explore CBD capsules, their benefits, and how they can encourage wellness needs when made a part of your daily health supplement routine.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 85 cannabinoids so far identified in cannabis plants, including hemp. CBD interacts with our body’s naturally occurring systems to offer significant natural health benefits, which is why the cannabinoid has grown so high in demand over recent years.

Unlike the well-known cannabinoid THC, which dominates the makeup of medical marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means CBD does not cause a high, making it a safer and less controversial option for supplementing with cannabinoids. In hemp, CBD dominates the plant’s makeup, up to 40 percent of the plant’s extract in some cases, making it an ideal source for CBD supplements.

CBD can be extracted from cannabis plants like hemp in the form of CBD oil, which can then be taken on its own as a supplement, or incorporated into other products, including highly-convenient daily capsules.

The CBD oil found in HempMeds® CBD capsules comes from unique cultivars of non-GMO, high-CBD hemp grown by families of farmers in Northern Europe, who use centuries-old growing techniques to cultivate our hemp without the need for pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or herbicides. We use supercritical CO2 to safely extract the oil, which then undergoes our three-part Triple Lab TestingTM process to ensure quality and safety.

Why Should You Take CBD Capsules?

After CBD capsules are ingested, the CBD molecules are absorbed and sent to the bloodstream, where they can interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a large regulatory network that works to keep our functions in homeostasis.

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, helps your body stay in balance by regulating many vital functions, some of which include:

  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Nervous system and immune responses
  • Hormone regulation

A properly functioning ECS is crucial to a healthy body. That’s where CBD oil comes into play.

ECS receptors, called cannabinoid receptors, interact with cannabinoids — both endocannabinoids that are naturally synthesized by the body, and plant-derived cannabinoids like CBD.

Because plant-derived cannabinoids like CBD share a similar molecular structure to endocannabinoids, they can interact with cannabinoid receptors, working like a switch to turn on the ECS and encourage it run efficiently.

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Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Among HempMeds® array of CBD supplement selections are our easy-to-swallow capsules, an ideal option for those who already take vitamins or other supplements daily.

CBD capsules offer a host of benefits for adding CBD into your daily supplement habits, including:

  • Easy to take as part of your normal supplement/vitamin routine
  • No need to measure out servings each time or bother with messy oils
  • Full control of your dosage, so you can adjust the amount as you see fit
  • Offer ultimate portability
  • No unfamiliar flavors to worry about
  • Can be taken any time of day
  • No need to use an applicator or device

No matter how hectic your day gets or whether you’re always on the go, CBD capsules
effortlessly fit into your schedule.

What Types of CBD Capsules are Available?

HempMeds® Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) CBD hemp oil capsules contain 25 mg of minimally processed, full-spectrum CBD hemp oil combined with 200 mg of calcium and 200 mg of our proprietary blend of powdered turmeric root and white willow bark for added botanical effects.

Our RSHO™ CBD Capsules come in three varieties, including:

RSHO Green Label CBD Capsules offers our raw form CBD hemp oil that’s been extracted straight from the plant. The Green Label features hemp oil that hasn’t been filtered or decarboxylated, making it a great source of cannabidiolic acid (CBDa), as well as many other phytocannabinoids, essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other natural constituents found in hemp’s truest form.

RSHO Blue Label CBD Capsules offer minimally processed full spectrum hemp oil that’s been decarboxylated, a process that turns the CBDa found in raw hemp oil into active CBD to maximize CBD content. The hemp oil used in these capsules isn’t filtered, retaining its valuable chlorophyll and other plant nutrients.

RSHO Gold Label CBD Capsules offers hemp oil at its most refined. The CBD hemp oil has undergone decarboxylation as well as an additional clean filtering process for maximum CBD content and to eliminate most of the plant material.

Our 30-count CBD capsules are shelf stable, meaning they’ll be ready to go whenever you are. They come in an amber-colored bottle to preserve their freshness and potency.

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Get Started with CBD Capsules

Because HempMeds® CBD oil products are derived from hemp and are non-psychoactive, they are legally available in the United States and in over 40 countries worldwide, no prescription or medical card needed.

We’ll deliver your CBD capsules right to your doorstep. Get started with CBD capsules today by visiting the HempMeds® online store.


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