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CBD and Aging: This Grandparents Day,Try Hemp

Remember the days when you woke up and your body was flexible, loose, and ready to move right when you opened your eyes? We sure do. Now, there’s probably more bones and joints that pop before they wake up for the day. It’s the best part of growing wise. This weekend for Grandparents Day, treat yourself (or your parents) to a wellness boost with CBD products from HempMeds.

Grandparents Day is a national holiday signed as an official holiday that occurs every Sunday after Labor Day. Signed into effect by Jimmy Carter in 1978, it’s the weekend to get together with loved ones and enjoy the wisdom of generations with our younger family members.

You’ve probably tried many creams, oils, vitamins, and supplements throughout the years to find one that works for you. With so much information available it can be difficult to find an answer. Below, we’ve included an example of how a healthy regimen with CBD would look.

Why do we need CBD as we age?

Did you know that endocannabinoid deficiency is a recently discovered condition that many people currently experience? As we discover the various cannabinoid’s effects for the body we learn that cannabinoids are integral to many processes inside our bodies. Andandamide is a cannabinoid produced by your own body that studies are linking to things such as the euphoria experienced during a run (“runner’s high”) and possible pain relief in animal studies.

cbd for grandparentsCannabinoids are unique in that they are one of the few molecules researchers observe passing through the blood-brain barrier when traditional pharmaceuticals or substances cannot. Several scientific studies are currently registering applicants in order to observe and measure the effect of cannabinoids their brains. By the way, CBD won’t get you high like THC.

You can see why CBD is quickly becoming the number one topic when discussing natural ways to improve daily life. From hemp seed to fully grown hemp plant, the uses and benefits of CBD sourced from this naturally-occurring plant increase by the week.

How easy is CBD to use?

CBD can be used virtually anywhere during your day. A holistic wellness approach with CBD might look something like this:

  • Waking up: Drink a glass of water and take your CBD capsules
  • Breakfast: Add some hemp hearts to your breakfast or coffee
  • Lunch: Add some CBD isolate into your salad dressing
  • Mid-afternoon: Apply CBD oil from our applicators to a small snack
  • Dinner: Mix CBD oil with a night time smoothie
  • Bedtime: Rub our salve into sore joints

This is just one example of how some customers include CBD with their daily life. It’s easy, it’s quick, and best of all there are no psychoactive side effects like with THC. You can tailor your CBD intake with your lifestlye and needs. Explore our CBD education section to learn more. 

What problems will it help with?

Our company chooses not to make any claims about what CBD does inside your body. We choose this stance to ensure the science behind CBD is available and peer-reviewed before claiming any specific effects.

With that said, CBD has a mountain of anecdotal evidence in the community pointing towards the improvement of physical conditions, mental disorders, debilitating or chronic conditions, and helping with overall wellness. There are over 23,000 studies into cannabis’ effects with more announced by the month. Some studies even point towards CBD as potentially beneficial for Alzheimer’s Disease. We invite you to search our archives to learn more.

How do I know that it’s safe?

At HempMeds, we pride ourselves on consistently providing a safe, natural, and effective catalog of products. The Triple Lab Tested® standard is the process we developed to ensure all hemp oil and products are put through our rigorous testing standards.

We test at three crucial times. First, our European cultivars periodically test during the crop’s growth and harvesting. Then, it’s tested upon import into America to ensure consistent ratios of CBD and THC. Then we test it again in California once it reaches our GMP-certified formulators who process the raw oil for our product catalog.

Ready to try CBD?

Browse our shop to view the entire product catalog, including beauty and hair care products. For up to date news and tips for healthy living with CBD, join our mailing list below.

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