Caring for Hemp Clothing

Caring for Hemp Clothing - shutterstock_223736446You don’t need to be gentle with your hemp clothing. Hemp fabric is extremely strong and long lasting. If you do take proper care of your hemp clothes, however, they’ll last you nearly your entire life.

While you may put off washing some of your clothes because you’re worried about the damage it could cause, hemp clothing can be regularly washed in a washing machine or by hand. It becomes even stronger when it’s wet, so it can easily handle the stress of being washed. Plus, the fabric has no problem handling both extreme temperatures, but it’s easier on the fabric if you stick with washing hemp in cold to warm water. You can use commercial soap powders or liquid detergents. Every time you wash it, the fabric becomes softer.

Hemp is highly porous, which means it’s filled with many holes, so the fabric will dry really quickly. You could easily get away with saving energy and hang drying your hemp clothes. If you do decide to use a dryer, you’ll just need to tumble dry it on low for a short period of time. Drying hemp clothes in high heat can cause them to shrink. Because hemp gets softer with each wash, you won’t need to add a fabric softener sheet to the dryer.

If you find that a particular piece of hemp clothing needs to be ironed regularly, it’s a good idea to do so as soon as you pull it out of the washer. Stretch out the clothing so that it’s flat and then use a hot iron while the piece of clothing is still damp. Start by ironing the inside of the piece of clothing and only iron the outside if needed. For example, iron the shirt when it’s inside out and then check to see if the creases disappear. This helps to save the texture of the fabric’s weaving.

Other Notes
Avoid using any bleach on your hemp clothes. It will immediately stain the fabric. If you have a stain that needs extra attention, spot treat it yourself with soap. You can also set the piece of clothing out in the sun, which will help lighten the stained area.





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