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Bridgeport’s HempWorks Helps People Live Better Lives With HempMeds® CBD and Coffee


“I will continue doing what I am doing until at which time I am no longer making a contribution to our community.”


Mary Frances Smith worked as a high school teacher and administrator in Harrison County, West Virginia for three decades before deciding to open her own CBD oil and coffee shop in her local town. Today she’s the owner of Bridgeport’s HempWorks, which offers a variety of CBD oil products, from tinctures to salves and edibles to topicals, with the hopes of serving the health needs of the local community and surrounding areas.

“Having a CBD shoppe not only allows me to watch my granddaughter but also allows me to do a little something with adult contact/interaction and allows me to help people learn and live better lives,” Mary Frances explained.

Mary Frances was inspired to open the business after friends recommended that she try cannabidiol (CBD) oil for her own health issue. She spent months researching the compound and searching for a reputable manufacturer.

She found the CBD oil provider she could trust in HempMeds®. HempMeds®, she explained, offered the quality of products, transparency, and customer service she was looking for.

HempWorks CBD oil

HempWorks carries CBD products by RSHO® and Dixie Botanicals®

Having used and experienced HempMeds® CBD oil and its benefits herself, after retiring from education she decided she could support her own community by opening her own CBD oil business. HempWorks has carried nearly the entire HempMeds® CBD oil line, including products from Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®) and Dixie Botanicals®, since the shop opened in November of 2018.

Beyond store owner, Mary Frances continues to see her role as an educator, helping those who come into her shop understand CBD and hemp. With most new customers, she’ll spend 15 to 20 minutes “teaching a CBD lesson,” as she described, covering everything from the differences between hemp and marijuana to the significance of Certificates of Analysis (COAs). She’s ready to answer the most common questions customers come to her with, such as whether CBD products will cause intoxication and how long each bottle will last.

She finds in most cases customers will initially leave to process the information before returning later to purchase a HempMeds® product, which generally for newcomers is a 2-ounce bottle of CBD oil tincture. Like most great teachers, Mary Frances remains committed to helping those she connects to achieve their goals with CBD oil, even after they leave her shop.

“I follow up in about two weeks with a phone call to check on each new customer to make sure they are taking it correctly, get feedback and answer any questions,” she said.

“Most of the time, If they aren’t experiencing any relief or benefits, it is because they forget that they can increase [their CBD intake] as needed. So that phone call re-emphasizes the increase in intake and can address any other concern or questions they may have.”

HempWorks in Bridgeport, WV

HempWorks’ new location in Bridgeport, WV.

Mary Frances originally opened HempWorks at The Shoppes of Averil Place on South Virginia Avenue. After being in business for roughly a year, a devastating fire in October 2019 destroyed HempWorks and two other nearby businesses. To accommodate her customers, she quickly found her new home in the Gregis Insurance Agency Building, across from the area’s well-known T&L Hot Dogs.

Recognizing that many in the Bridgeport community count on HempWorks for CBD oil, Mary Frances quickly replaced the HempMeds® products lost in the fire. Talking with her, you would get the idea that she considers the relationship between HempWorks and HempMeds® a partnership.

“I really don’t trust any other company,” she said. “I would recommend HempMeds not only because of the quality of service provided but also because of the quality of the actual products.”

She referred to the mutual belief she and her initial HempMeds® rep had in each other as she first started out, and said she continues to receive support whenever needed.

“I know that I can call when my customer or I have a question and if my rep doesn’t know the answer, she finds out and responds back in less than 24 hours,” she said.

“I believe that HempMeds truly cares about people,” she added.

HempMeds®'s Personal Care Line on the shelves at HempWorks.

HempMeds®’s Personal Care Line on the shelves at HempWorks.

Mary Frances also appreciates that HempMeds® reps are receptive to her ideas and feedback.

“My reps have always been very open to any of my suggestions ‘down here in the trenches’ and I think that a positive aspect,” Mary Frances explained. “Being in education for 33 yrs prior to this adventure, I was an assistant principal at one of the top performing high schools in our state. My job was to provide our teachers with the information and tools they needed in order to be successful in the classroom and all of our students could learn. So I am a firm believer that listening to the ‘little people’ and providing them with the necessary tools to do their job is what produces success.”

Mary Frances sees the positive impact her CBD oil and coffee shop makes in the Bridgeport community nearly every day. She shared some details of a husband initially skeptical of CBD oil rushed back for a second bottle once his wife who has come to rely on the product had run out.

HempWorks Best of Harrison County

Mary Frances accepts HempWorks’ Best Natural Product Distributor for 2020 award.

Even having only been in business a little over a year now, HempWorks is now known in the Bridgeport area for providing high-quality CBD products. In February, HempWorks was awarded Harrison County’s Best Natural Product Distributor for 2020 by The Exponent Telegram. As a coffee shop, HempWorks has also become somewhat of a community hub.

At the new location, HempWorks carries HempMeds® CBD oils, tinctures, chewy edibles and energy chews from RSHO®, Dixie Botanicals® and even Hemp for Pets™, as well as HempMeds®’s personal care line of CBD-infused shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and lotion. The shop also offers the HempMeds® Everyday Wellness line for immune system, sleep, and digestive support.

Amid the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, Mary Frances continues to adjust to ensure her community can still get the CBD oil products they rely on. HempWorks is taking pre-orders and offering appointment pick-up delivery. Customers can make an appointment by calling 304-694-2472.

HempWorks is located at 362 E. Main Street in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Bridgeport, population 8,355, is located in Central West Virginia, two hours north of the State Capital in Charleston and two hours south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The CBD oil and coffee shop also carries a variety of hemp apparel, hemp snacks and infused beverages, jewelry, and aromatherapy gifts.

Partnering with HempMeds®

The HempMeds® team prides itself on providing customer service you can depend on. Our dedicated team of Account Representatives is available to answer any questions you may have about CBD, direct you to the perfect CBD oil products for your needs, and assist you in setting up your wholesale account.

Sign up to become a HempMeds® CBD Oil wholesaler today and start selling the best CBD oil products available with the support of a knowledgeable and dedicated team.

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