Benefits of Hemp Shampoo

Hemp ShampooNext time you head to the store for some shampoo, you might want to meander over to the natural health area and pick up a hemp shampoo made with natural hemp oil. Hemp oil comes from pressed hemp seeds, which are harvested from the Cannabis sativa plant. Although the plant is family with the Cannabis plant known for its mind-altering properties, hemp contains little to none tetrahydrocannabinol. The plant’s oil, however, is chock-full of nutrients, like fatty acids, vitamin E and zinc, which can significantly improve the health of your hair.

Hemp oil is high in omega-3 and omega-6, which are fatty acids that are effective at coating and conditioning your hair. The coating, while remaining light so not to weigh your hair down, serves as a protector for your hair. It makes it stronger and less susceptible to breaking. These fatty acids also help to prevent water loss, which improve its ability to act as a natural moisturizer. Most shampoos leave your hair dry and susceptible to breaking, making it necessary to use a conditioner anytime you shampoo. Because of hemp oil’s conditioning properties, you could find that when using hemp shampoos, you don’t need to use any conditioner. The moisturizing benefits also apply to your scalp, meaning there’s less of a chance of dandruff and irritation that can come from dryness. Those who live in particularly cold environments can benefit from hemp oil’s ability to combat the drying that comes with being in low temperatures.

Hemp oil is also high in vitamin E and zinc. Vitamin E increases hair growth and also helps prevent hair loss by stimulating capillaries and thus improving blood flow. It also works to prevent split ends and maintain the vibrancy of your hair color. The zinc your hair receives from the hemp shampoo can help prevent zinc deficiency that can lead to hair loss.

Keep in mind that some hemp shampoos may have a nutty scent that may take you a bit to get used to. If you prefer, there are some hemp shampoos that also contain fragrance.





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