what to know before trying cbd

Before Trying CBD, You Should Read This

You’ve done your homework, you’ve spoken with a friend or family member, and you’ve made up your mind. You’re ready to give this CBD oil thing a try.

But wait! While we’re very happy that you’ve decided to add a daily serving of CBD oil to enhance and support your already healthy lifestyle, there are some things you still need to know. It’s crucial for the CBD buyer to beware because not all CBD is equal. When something is “new” and “hot”, all kinds of unscrupulous types jump in to make a quick buck.

There is an abundance of confusing, contradicting, and downright unbelievable information available online. At HempMeds®, we’re confident in the quality, consistency, and safety of our CBD products. We do believe in the product that we sell, but we also have common sense and don’t make ridiculous claims and promises.

We want you to be as informed as you can be about any and all CBD products. What to look for, questions to ask, red flags and dead giveaways. Before you try or buy any CBD, read this:



It all starts with a simple seed, that grows into a beautiful plant. A plant that can change the world. The source of where a CBD oil company gets its hemp is extremely vital. You have to look beyond your own backyard.

Cultivating cannabis of any kind in the U.S. is illegal, aside from few exceptions for research. That’s why HempMeds® sources its hemp from a collective of 750 farms in Northern Europe. Our hemp grows free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides to ensure that it isn’t exposed to any outside contamination that can affect our final products.

After testing over 3,000 cultivars of cannabis, we found the ideal high CBD, low THC that would give us the phytocannabinoid levels we needed. After visiting almost every country where hemp could be grown legally, we also settled on the ideal climates of Central Europe to begin farming. To this day, we still work with the 750-family farming co-op in Austria that grew our first full hemp crop!

Some CBD oil companies claim that their hemp is made on U. S. soil, and therefore their oil is superior in every way. This simply isn’t the case. Although we’re as patriotic as the next CBD oil company, the fact remains that outsourcing hemp is a legal issue, not a quality issue. End of story.

The European regulatory system is strict and enforced, providing confidence in their harvest, processes, and extraction quality. Organic hemp grown in Europe must also adhere to EU’s strict organic standards, which are stricter than in the U.S. and highly audited. Some examples of organic EU hemp farming principles include:

  • Crops are rotated so that on-site resources are used efficiently
  • Chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics and other substances are severely restricted
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are banned
  • On-site resources are put to good use, such as manure for fertilizer or feed produced on the farm
  • Disease-resistant plant and animal species adapted to the local environment are used
  • Livestock are raised in a free-range, open-air environment and are fed on organic fodder
  • Animal husbandry practices are tailored to the various livestock species


There are a handful of ways to process hemp oil. Many involve harsh chemicals and solvents. Some sellers online even claim to take on this process in their own kitchens or garages! Obviously, it would be wise to avoid these types altogether!

At HempMeds, we extract our hemp oil using supercritical CO2, which the FDA considers GRAS or generally regarded as safe. This chemical process allows us to ensure that our CBD hemp oil products are always free from contamination to best protect the health of your family.

This method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate, preserve, and maintain the purity of the oil. While this method is more expensive and involves complex equipment and expertise, it ensures optimal quality. The CBD oil obtained through supercritical extraction is a full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich product.

There are other ways to extract CBD oil, but HempMeds does not recommend you use these end products or try these extraction methods on your own. The butane hash oil process uses the solvent butane, which if handled improperly, can explode. The Rick Simpson method involves soaking the plant matter in pure alcohol. With both of these methods, residual solvents can appear in the final cannabis extract, which is not desirable and can be dangerous to consume.



When you shop for CBD oil products, ask the manufacturer for testing certs. Reputable, trustworthy businesses will gladly offer you copies of testing results, usually from a 3rd party. Fly by night outfits? They will offer excuses and discounts on more inferior, and possibly unsafe product.

Our Triple Lab Tested™ process starts at our hemp’s harvest, where it is tested for outside contaminants. Following importation into the U.S., our CBD hemp oil is tested again by an ISO / IEC 17025:2005 accredited lab to check for microbes, mold, heavy metals, and other possible contaminants, as well as for potency of the cannabinoids present. Finally, after our hemp oil is formulated into our many products, they are batch tested to make sure that the final product is ready to be shipped to your door and safely used by you and your family.

Our safety tested process also helps maintain consistency in the potency (cannabinoid concentration) of our products. Our labs test for the level of CBD, CBDa, THC, and over a half-dozen other cannabinoids. This consistency means you are getting the right levels of CBD every serving, every time. That is why you can be confident when you buy our CBD hemp oil products.


Here are few more things that should raise an eyebrow when dealing with CBD oil retailers.

No Merchant Account

If a company can’t get at least one bank to feel like the company is legit enough to offer the credit needed to obtain a merchant account, take your business elsewhere. Even though hemp and marijuana businesses do have issues sometimes with state and federal banks, it’s no excuse for a company to not have the ability to run your credit card. Using a credit card is for the consumer’s protection, don’t forfeit it.

Water Soluble CBD

The term “water-soluble CBD” has been thrown around quite a bit lately in the medical cannabis industry. But have you heard of the saying “mix like oil and water?” In nature, there’s no such thing as water-soluble CBD. That’s because CBD is oil. The only way it can become soluble is through processes that are either “proprietary” or a “closely guarded secret.” Why all the silence?

Cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc.) are hydrophobic (water-hating) oily substances and, as such, not water-soluble. They can, however, be formulated to be water-compatible and to appear water-soluble.

CBD, THC and many other oils can, however, be made water compatible if they are formulated as micro- or nanoemulsions, both of which require the use of surfactants, to dilute the products. Surfactants are chemical compounds that lower the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. Surfactants may act as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, and dispersants. Not natural, and not cool. There are natural surfactants in nature. However, they come with the caveat of “only minimal side effects.” Personally, we prefer to provide a cannabis oil without mention of additional “minimal side effects.” Maybe you don’t mind the unknown. Maybe you do. For now, we’re staying away until the process is available for the general public.

Gimmicks, AutoEnroll, Clubs, etc.

If a company says you can only have access to a certain product if you sign up for automatic enrollment or some other form of a recurring order program, RUN, don’t walk away. No reputable wellness or health company is run this way. Enrollment or re-purchasing programs are features, not requirements to use CBD.

Learn more about our CBD hemp oil HERE, or visit our CBD education page to discover the many benefits of CBD hemp oil products. If you are interested in becoming a reseller of our award-winning products, then visit our Wholesale page.

Your CBD sales experience should be helpful, informative, and no-pressure. Visit the HempMeds shop today to find out just what we’re talking about. You can also give us a call (1-866-273-8502) at any time to speak with an account representative. Happy hemping!


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