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Autoship Has Arrived! Get 15% Off Monthly Delivery of Your Favorite CBD Products

What better way to start 2020 than by upgrading your daily wellness routine? With the HempMeds® Autoship Program, you can set up an automatic shipment of any CBD product at the internal of your choice, while saving 15% off every order.

Consistency is key for realizing the full benefits of your favorite CBD and we want to make that as easy as possible. Now you can receive a regular supply of all of your favorite CBD products, without the hassle of reordering each time.

The HempMeds® Autoship program is a CBD subscription that allows you to receive automatic deliveries of the CBD oil products that you and your family have come to rely on. Choose from all of our favorite products like our Everyday Wellness CBD capsules, our selection of delicious CBD edibles, high-quality RSHO™ products, CBD isolate products with no detectable THC, and more.

When you order a CBD oil product from HempMeds® through our Autoship program, you’re signing up for a CBD subscription of repeat deliveries of that CBD product at a 15% discount off regular retail. With our Autoship Program, you can set up an automatic shipment of any product at the interval of your choice — 2 weeks, 1 month, 45 days, or every 2 months. You’ll get the products you want, when you want them.

At the same time every month, you’ll conveniently receive your go-to CBD product directly to your doorstep. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to support your systems with CBD.

How to Get Started with HempMeds® Autoship

You asked for it and now it’s here, our Autoship CBD subscription program is ready to go! It’s easy and makes monthly delivery of your favorite hemp oils simple to select it and forget it.

To start getting automatic monthly shipments of your favorite CBD oil products, simply visit the shop page of the CBD product you’d like to receive automatically. Select the “Autoship and Save 15%” box, choose your quantity, and then click “Add to Cart.” Follow these steps for each CBD oil product you’d like to order, either as a one-time purchase of as part of your Autoship package. Once you’re finished shopping for CBD, click the shopping cart icon to check out. That’s it!

HempMeds Autoship CBD subscription

You’ll be billed as normal but with a 15%  discount, and then billed monthly moving forward when your product ships with that same 15% discount. You can cancel, pause, or adjust your Autoship order at any time.

Why Sign Up for HempMeds® Autoship CBD

With the HempMeds® Autoship CBD subscrption program, you never have to worry whether you’re stocked on your favorite CBD products. The Autoship CBD program is perfect for individuals and families who have come to rely on the natural balancing benefits of adding CBD oil products to their daily health and wellness routine.

There are many reasons to add CBD to your daily life this year. Daily servings of CBD oil products promote health by supporting your body’s endocannabinoid system, a regulatory network tasked with keeping the body in homeostasis. A well operating endocannabinoid system means your body runs at its best every day. Stimulating your endocannabinoid system so that you feel better is easier than ever with the HempMeds® Autoship CBD program. Your CBD oil products will always be there when you need them.

With the HempMeds® Autoship program, you’ll receive:

  • 15% discount on your favorite CBD products, plus free shipping with orders over $100
  • Automatic shipments, worry-free, with the same great HempMeds® service
  • The ability to cancel, pause or adjust your Autoship order at any time

Get Your Questions on CBD Answered

We’re here to answer any questions you have about the natural benefits of CBD and our hemp CBD products. Learn more through the HempMeds® blog, or email us at [email protected]. Get started with our Autoship CBD subscription program today by visiting our online CBD shop.

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