Are You Balanced?

It is harder than ever to find balance, as life pulls us in immeasurable directions every day, so it is important to take steps in your life to establish this balance for yourself. But what does a balanced life look like?

A balanced life often means that you have a control over the various elements in your life – like work, fitness, friends, and home life – and don’t feel that you are being pulled too hard in any one direction. When you are balanced, you feel clear-headed, calm, and grounded.

Is that how you most often feel? If not, this post is meant to help you retake control over your life. These are just a few steps you can take to change what isn’t working and get back some control and balance in your life.

Work vs. Life

One of the biggest sources of imbalance in our lives can come from the struggle between your work life and your home life. Balancing between the two doesn’t mean that work is only between 9 am and 5 pm and your personal life exclusively exist in the hours outside these.

There are many times where your personal life takes away from work, and the opposite is equally true, so balance then comes when neither work nor home life interferes with the other.

In order to reach balance in your life, you must trim responsibilities and learn to say no. Analyze what is most important in your life and prioritize that first. Sometimes you have to decline a dinner invitation or miss time at work to address higher priorities; balance means knowing when to make these compromises. Be sure to fulfill your social needs and spend time with loved ones.

It is also important to set a moment each day for yourself to disconnect during off hours.

Meditation & Yoga

A good way to disconnect and spend time alone is through the practice of yoga or meditation.

Many people practice yoga as a place to break from the stress in their life and look inward. Others use it to connect further with the world around them. Yoga also offers an unrivaled way to increase your body’s health as a way to increase both physical and mental balance and focus your energy into a more productive end.

The same can be said for meditation. Meditation can help us discover more about ourselves. Using focused meditation helps provide clarity and understanding in our lives and allows us to make the decisions necessary to enhance the balance in our lives.


A healthy diet can also provide the balance you are seeking in your life. Too often we make the convenient choice for our meals, sacrificing nutrition for time. Diets full of mostly plant-based foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes that avoid highly processed foods full of chemical additives. Avoid toxins and fillers, and when it comes to high-calories foods, use portion control to keep empty calories consumed in moderation. A balanced diet allows the body to work at its peak and adds to your overall health.

Thriving Endocannabinoid System

You can also gain balance by supporting your body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for modulating functions of the body like mood, sleep, appetite, and even immune response to promote homeostasis within the body.

Stimulating this system with phytocannabinoids like those found in hemp oil can help enhance the endocannabinoid system’s ability to maintain this balance. CBD hemp oil products are available as pure hemp oils, tinctures, topical salves, and even cannabis-infused skin care.

Discover more ways to use hemp oil in your life on our education page, or shop our online store today to get started using CBD hemp oil products for yourself.

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