HempMeds Animals in Need Program

Announcing Our Animals in Need Program

We want to help pets as much as we can the natural benefits of hemp oil for cats and dogs! That’s why we’re proud to announce our Animals in Need Program. Working in tandem with animal shelters and rescue organizations, our goal is to ensure that animals in critical need have access to our entire Hemp for Pets hemp oil products. Many pet owners all over the country have already discovered that hemp oil with CBD a natural alternative they can trust to promote well being in their dogs, cats, and even horses and other livestock animals.

CBD for petsOur Animals in Need Program is aimed at assisting pet owners, rescues and shelters by providing them with the pet hemp oil products they need to enhance the health of their pets. Our Hemp for Pets line of pet hemp oil products includes both full spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate tinctures and a topical pet hemp oil-infused cream beneficial for soothing skin irritations. Each of the innovative pet hemp oil products within our Hemp for Pets line was carefully crafted with your pet’s well being in mind. These natural pet products can be given to or used on your pet daily to help them feel their best.

All of our pet hemp oil products are created with natural, non-GMO hemp grown using organic practices. The hemp oil pet products go through minimal processing and are rigorously tested for safety and reliability.

From supporting overall health, finding forever homes, or giving aid that will make a pet’s life better, our success is measured in helping improve the lives of animals. In fact, every animal you’ll see featured in our branding is connected to our mission.

Why Hemp for Pets?

When confined in a shelter, cats and dogs can experience a wide range of emotions that profoundly affect their emotional and physical health. The primary focus of the HempMeds Animals in Need Program is to share hemp oil containing CBD with pets that could benefit from the plant-derived cannabinoid’s powerful natural wellness properties.

Like humans, pets can experience the natural health and wellness properties of hemp oil with CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an all-natural and non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from hemp that stimulates a major regulatory network to encourage homeostasis. All mammals — including you and your pets — have this endocannabinoid system that keeps systems in balance and running optimally.

Whether a dog or cat suffers from physical or behavioral challenges, we believe in the power of hemp oil for pets. CBD’s natural balancing benefits help improve a pet’s cardiovascular function and neurological health and behavior, as well as support healthy joints and hips and skin and coats.

How to Participate in the HempMeds Animals in Need Program

Many animals rely on shelters and caregivers for shelter, nutrition, and basic health care. If you’re a shelter or rescue organization interested in exploring the benefits of hemp oil for pets, contact us today to learn more about participating in our Animals in Need Program and about our pet hemp solutions by emailing us here.

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