7 Places You Can Use HempMeds® CBD Hemp Oil Products

With a product line as diverse as ours – formulated to meet the needs of a wide range of customers – there is no end to where you can use our products. That means finding a way to add a CBD product to your day is now easier than ever. Here we give you seven unexpected places you can put our CBD hemp oil products to work in your life.

1. In the Kitchen:

If you love to cook with creative ingredients, then our RSHO™ MCT oil liquids are the perfect way to infuse your culinary creations with CBD. Made with sustainably sourced medium-chain triglyceride oil, servings of RSHO™ Liquid can replace ingredients like coconut oil in your favorite recipes to make anything your craft, from smoothies and coffee to soups, salads, and acai bowls, a hemp oil product. Learn more creative ways to use RSHO™ Liquid in the kitchen here.

2. On the Job:

Americans spend an average of 8.8 hours a day at work, consuming nearly 30% of our human lifespan, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With so much of our lives spent in one place, it makes sense to integrate your CBD regimen into your workday.

Whether taken during your coffee break or before you stop for lunch, you only need a minute out of your day to add high levels of CBD to your diet with our RSHO™ pure CBD hemp oil oral applicators. Ranging in potency from 50 mg of CBD per serving in our Green Label oil up to 190 mg of CBD in a serving of our RSHO™ Special Blend, our pure hemp oil oral applicators are the most efficient way to get high levels of CBD. And because our CBD hemp oil products are non-psychoactive, they are safe to use at work.

3. Out on the town:

No other HempMeds® product is as discreet to use in public as our CanChew® CBD hemp oil infused chewing gum. Taking advantage of an action most of us do as second nature, we have added 50 mg of hemp oil to our all-natural mint flavored gum, supplying our customers with 10 mg of CBD per serving. Casually chewed after dinner out with friends or as you walk into the theater, CanChew® hemp oil gum lets you add 10 mg of CBD to your day without slowing you down or drawing attention to yourself while out and about.

4. In Your Bathroom:

CBD hemp oil products can even be made a part of your bath and beauty routine with our Cibaderm® and Cannabis Beauty Defined® brands.

Cibaderm® is our CBD-infused line of bath products, including our Hemp Fresh body wash, Hemp Clean shampoo, Hemp Soft conditioner, Hemp Hydrate hand cream, and our Hemp Nourish body lotion. These products can be used together for a refreshing, deep moisturizing clean from your bath or shower.

Your bath routine can then be followed with our exclusive anti-aging beauty regimen from Cannabis Beauty Defined®. Formulated to pamper and protect your skin with CBD hemp oil and our proprietary botanical extract blend, our Cannabis Beauty Defined® products will leave your skin looking youthfully smooth and radiantly beautiful.  

5. On the Trails:

Whether hiking or biking, a day on the trails can punish your body, pushing it to its limit. Why not take a break along the way for a refreshing spray of our Dixie Botanicals® and Cibdex® CBD hemp oil tinctures?

Available in naturally unflavored, smooth vanilla, spicy cinnamon, and cooling peppermint, our 1 or 2 oz bottles easily slip into your daypack along with your GPS, multi-tool, and first aid kit to make sure you are always prepared for anything the trails throw at you. With just 1-3 mg per serving, the CBD hemp oil tinctures can be put to work all day to keep a constant level of CBD in your system while tackling these tough climbs.

6. On Vacation:

There is no easier way to take our CBD hemp oil products with you on your travel adventures than with our CBD capsules. Available from Dixie Botanicals®, Cibdex®, and RSHO™, these convenient capsules pack 25 mg per serving, and because there is no need to measure out your servings, you won’t need to interrupt your busy itinerary to take your daily dose of CBD. Just swish down a single capsule once or twice a day with glass of water.

Since our capsules aren’t a liquid or gel, they pack easily and can be left in your bag at the TSA checkpoint if you are flying to your vacation, making them the smart choice in CBD product the next time you travel.

7. Salve – At the gym:

There is little better for you and your health than a trip to the gym. However, any gym routine can leave your body feeling worn. Our 1.3 oz jars of hemp oil salve from RSHO™ and Dixie Botanicals® can be kept in your gym bag or locker to ensure it is always on hand when you need it. Before and after your workout, massage our CBD salves into trouble spots like your muscles and joints for targeted results.

Getting Started:

Beginning a CBD hemp oil routine with HempMeds® is simple and convenient. All these products can be found in our online shop and shipped anywhere in the U.S. and to over 40 countries internationally. To learn more about CBD and our CBD hemp oil products, follow our CBD education page.

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