5 Ways to Enhance Your Children’s Well-being

We are all concerned for our children’s health and overall well-being. However, there are things we can do to help our children increase their overall wellness. Today, we will discuss just some of the many ways you can encourage your children’s sense of well-being each day.

Make sure they get enough sleep

Sleep is the one of the foundations of well-being, yet sleep deprivation is a common problem among children and teenagers. Young children often need between 10 and 12 hours of sleep to enable proper growth and development, while teenagers need a recommended minimum of nine hours.

One of the single most important strategies to improve your children’s well-being is to ensure they get enough sleep. Try setting a steady bedtime and limit unplanned naps to ensure they are getting enough sleep each night.

Encourage your kids to exercise

Kids today often struggle to get enough daily exercise, which is an impediment to overall well-being. However, exercise isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight. Exercise stimulates the chemicals that improve mood and helps burn off the stress of the day. An hour’s movement per day is a good minimum daily level of activity for kids, but many health professionals suggest more. Taking your children on bike rides and hikes are great ways to get exercise as a family. You can also sign your children up for individual or team sports, which will encourage movement and a healthier overall lifestyle.

Encourage creative outlets

Children are naturally imaginative and can easily get immersed in a creative activity. Imaginative outlets can be energizing and help reduce stress by distracting worried minds. You can spark children’s creativity with trips to art or natural history museums. You can also present children with a medium such as paper and crayons, modelling clay, or sidewalk chalk to allow them to tap into their natural creativity and enhance their well-being.

Encourage volunteering and selflessness

Assisting others increases a child’s sense of social connectedness and reinforces the importance of being part of a community. You can encourage your child to be connected with others every day through simple tasks like holding open the door for strangers, sharing with others, and even just wishing someone a good day.

More formal volunteering opportunities allow your child to give back in a larger scale, and as well as providing opportunities for positive recognition, it lets them see the impact such community service can have.

Foster lifelong learning

Children love the sense of achievement they feel when they learn a new topic or develop a new skill. Instilling in children a lifelong love of learning will help them maintain a sense of well-being and strengthen them as a well-rounded person.

An easy way to encourage learning for fun is through reading every day. Whether you do this together or they do it on their own, reading lets children enter exciting fictional worlds or teaches them history and facts they didn’t know before. Children who don’t read daily are three times more likely to report low feelings of overall well-being.

You can also share your favorite hobbies with your children. Photography, knitting or sewing, DIY projects, gardening, and even woodworking can engage a child’s creativity and build a sense of confidence.

Discover more tips to enhancing your family’s well-being on our education page.

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